Spring Musings

Brooklyn during spring

Lots going on in the world and BKP is no exception. As the ripple effects of the introspection spurred by COVID continues, our clients are still busy making major life decisions like career changes, relocations and big lifestyle changes and we are here for it.

My family has undergone some big transitions ourselves – buying a car last spring, a home in Beacon last fall and embarking on a kitchen reno while staying in an airbnb in Newburgh, a town I have thoroughly enjoyed familiarizing myself with. My clients have grown accustomed to an ever-changing zoom background as we have been across NY state in the past year and have become airbnb connoisseurs. If you want tips on stocking an airbnb kitchen, I’m your person.

We finally gave up our BK apartment last month and though I’m sure we’ll be back, it felt like the right thing at the right time for our family. No plans to change from Brooklyn Plans to Beacon Plans at this time, though it doesn’t sound all that bad or drastically different. We will always love BK and the time we spent there, but in the last year our once seemingly spacious 2-bedroom apartment quickly felt claustrophobic with a dog, a toddler and 2 working adults inside 24/7.

I thought I was an NYC lifer but am enjoying small town life and of course, a house. For his first haircut, our son Kingston had a great experience and the stylist didn’t charge him because she “never charges for first haircuts.” Can’t imagine that happening in Brooklyn 🙂 Daycare is half the cost up here and we’re enjoying mountain and river views while running errands. And humble brag, our working fireplace came in handy over this long, cold winter.

In any event, we are experiencing some of the most needed, hard earned warmer weather now and things are looking up. BKP is growing and hiring a new Financial Advocate to meet with clients, we hit the $7M mark in Assets Under Management, almost entirely through assets of women. And we are going to be able to go outside!! Can’t wait for Kingston & our dog Sato to have some fun in the sun in our yard 🙂 It’s been a long winter, but the snow is finally melting up here and I see greener pastures ahead for my family, BKP, and the world.

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