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Crain's New York Business

Royal Neighbors Foundation

Royal Neighbors Foundation

The Holidaze: Celebrate Without Breaking the Bank

Royal Neighbors Foundation

How to Negotiate a Raise

Royal Neighbors Foundation

How to Deal When You're Supporting Your Kids and Your Parents

Royal Neighbors Foundation

Back to School: Saving for Your Kids' Future

Asset TV

Kristen Euretig on Millennial Women

Business Insider

9 Surprising Things You Didn't Know You Could Negotiate To A Much Lower Price

Business Insider

People Are Enraged By The Idea That You Should Have Twice Your Salary Saved By The Time You're 35

Royal Neighbors

Balancing Student Debt Repayment With Other Financial Goals


Level Up: 4 Ways to Turn One Money Win Into Many

Royal Neighbors

Practical Budgeting for Today's Woman 

Royal Neighbors

A Beginner's Guide to Goals-Based Investing 

NY Metro Parents

How To Create a Budget That Works For You

NY Metro Parents

How Can I Pay Down My Debt Faster?

Most Couples Avoid Talking About Money — Here Are 5 Reasons To Do It Tonight


I Hired Three Experts to Transform My Life for 2018

NowThis Money

Here's why you should save for your retirement — if you can

Royal Neighbors Foundation

Baby Steps: Setting Your First Financial Goal For The Year.


Top 40 Women Financial Blogs And Websites On The Web

NowThis Money

Should You Save Money or Pay Off Debt?

Business Insider

Powerball And Mega Millions Have Both Passed $400 million — Here Are The First 2 Things The Winners Should Do.

Royal Neighbors Foundation

Holiday gifts that build healthy money habits 

NowThis Money

Here’s how much money you should have in your savings account.

NowThis Money

Here’s when you know you’ve got too much credit card debt

NowThis Money

This is the #1 thing you shouldn’t waste your money on

Money Under 30

Top Financial Advisors for Millennials 


Episode 2: Banking and Credit Cards 


Buying a home actually, makes sense for way more New Yorkers than you'd think. 

Royal Neighbours Foundation

Back to school... Is a 529 Account Right For You? 

Royal Neighbours Foundation

How to stop Worrying About your Finances and  Do Something About Them 


Free Money Offers can be Alluring but watch out for the snags 

Huffington Post

Why Women need to get Involved in Planning for Retirement 


Are these Basic Money Rules enough to keep you Financially Secure? 

Consumer Reports

How to (really) stay ahead of your credit card bills 

Magnify money

5 reasons it is so difficult to keep your new year’s resolutions. 


4 Resolutions that can Make us healthier and Wealthier 

USA Today College

Money 101: 5 tips to improve your bad credit score.

USA Today College

Money 101: Here’s what a credit score is and why you need a good one.


Opinion: Young Americans’ twin debt problems: marriage and college. 


How to Save Money when your dreams are bigger than your paycheck.


Married at First Sight: The Frist Year 


The first things you should do if you win the $1.5 billion Power-ball Jackpot (or any windfall) 

The Wall Street Journal

Refinancing a Mortgage to Pay Off Credit-Card Debt 

The New York Times

Over A Million Are Denied Bank Accounts For Past Errors


6 Things Recent Grads Should Spend Money On


How Many Bank Accounts do you Need?

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