Meet Danielle Arlotta, CFP® – a Brooklyn Plans Lead Planner

Danielle Arlota

Fast Facts:

Favorite finance hack:

Snowball method of repaying debt

Favorite financial topics to help clients with is:

Tackling student loans and investments

Loves working with clients who:

Have goals & are looking for help execute

Something that surprises people about her is:

She worked as a mascot for her first job

If she were a pro wrestler, her name would be:

Dani the Dangerous

Danielle joined Brooklyn Plans in January and we want you all to meet her! Since 2015 Danielle has worked as an advisor and paraplanner for both smaller firms and large firms such as Vanguard, where she helped a wide range of clients to get started and grow their investments. Danielle is mission driven and has been a volunteer with Savvy Ladies, a financial helpline focused on women in need for 3 years.

Danielle chose to come to Brooklyn Plans for the opportunity to work with the next generation and to help educate and empower them to make good financial decisions. She graduated with a degree in Financial Planning, but before she went to college she didn’t have much financial literacy knowledge. She wanted to be able to share what she learned and make financial advice more accessible to everyone, especially those who have been particularly underserved in this area.

She enjoys working with clients who are truly excited about getting help with their finances and enjoys getting them on the right path. Sharing in her clients’ success when they reach their financial goals is her favorite part of this job.

Danielle is from New Jersey but has called New York, North Carolina, and Kansas home also. She enjoys traveling, reading, and has recently learned to crochet.

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