Check Us Out: A Whole New Vibe & BKP’s Financial Literacy Library

I’m super excited to announce that BKP has a whole new vibe.  After working with the amazing all female creative team at AOK Group, we have a full rebrand to present to the world.  In the process of more clearly defining our brand, what stood out and distinguished us in the finance space was our dedication to women’s financial education and empowerment.  So as part of our new and totally revamped website development, it was important to us to include a Financial Literacy Library available to anyone who wants a deeper knowledge of personal finance and we’re excited to introduce it to the world in the month of April – Financial Literacy Month. 

Our clients often express the desire for a financial education.  Here is a sample of what potential clients say when they fill out our intake form to book a consultation with a Lead Planner:

          “My financial literacy is not strong and it’s hard to ask questions because I don’t even know what I don’t know.” 

          “I think our understanding of financing and investing is seriously lacking, so having a professional to teach us these things will be monumental to not only our financial literacy but our saving and money goals.”

          “I do NOT come from a privileged background and I need guidance on managing my money wisely and maximizing opportunities to build and protect my assets. I want insight into the strategies more privileged people seem to use to protect THEIR assets and THEIR children’s futures!”

The message we hear is clear.  Our clients want to understand personal finance.  You don’t learn finance at home.  You don’t learn it in school.  So, the question is, how do you learn about this stuff?!  Our answer is the BKP Financial Literacy Library.  There’s a lot of finance noise out there.  You won’t find us on TikTok or writing headlines like “How I made a million dollars by the time I was 30.” 

We provide real, expert, unbiased financial advice from the perspective of Certified Financial Planners™, not influencers.  We’ve collected and organized the content we’ve created over the years and are happy to share it with you.  We’ll continue to keep it fresh so you can get the latest in finance from a trusted source.  It’s time for women-identifying folx to get the information and tools they need to build wealth and unlock financial freedom.

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