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“For better or for worse, money plays a huge role in our romantic relationships as they become more serious. Come learn some best practices of how to handle your finances with your partner. First dates to 50th anniversaries welcomed!” – Kristen Euretig, CEO

Whether you’re saving together or saving seperatly but with the same goal in mind; you always have to start somewhere.

Brooklyn Plans has always had you in mind, and this ToolKit is no different. It’s cleverly devised to help you identify a workable strategy while providing you with communication tips for financial cooperation.

All you need is a pen and an open mind because we’ve done all the leg work to help you grab hold of and define what’s been weighing on your minds and your pockets.

It consists of a simple two page guide that will help you organize your thoughts and more importantly – your finances.

What do you have to lose?

It could mean your dream vacation is more attainable than you thought, or your student loans could become less of a burden and more of a target.

We know that money is a difficult subject for couples to handle, as it’s not usually something that will naturally come up in conversation. We also know that money is one of the biggest sources of discourse in all kinds of relationships; with even the strongest bonds being fractured by a credit card. I’m not saying that this Toolkit is a magical formula to heal all problems, because every couple and every situation is different; what it will do however is help you get to the root of the problem and guide you towards the correct first steps to solving it.

Here’s the link you’ll need:

and now let us do the rest!

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