BKP to Send Special Weekly Edition of Newsletter in April for Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month. At Brooklyn Plans, we understand how vital Financial Literacy is, but we also understand how intimidating it can be.  Stress related to money and inflation is at the highest level recorded since 2015, according to APA’s Stress in America survey.  We consistently hear from prospects and clients that they never got a financial education at home or in school.  That’s why we will provide a four-part financial literacy series through a weekly special financial literacy newsletter for the month of April.  

We’ll go over the basics you need to know in order to be more financially literate so you can make smart financial decisions, feel more confident and less stressed about your finances overall. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A weekly financial literacy newsletter delivered directly to your inbox for the month of April 
  • An overview of the basics like spending and saving, investing, debt and credit
  • An action item for you to take each week
  • It’s on us – if you’re already subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll get it!

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