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Work with a certified financial planner

We strive to share our enthusiasm for financial planning and the excitement that comes with taking control over your finances.  If you're ready to get a plan in place, the next step is to ​book an appointment below.  If you're not ready to get started on your plan, apply for an initial consultation first.  Not ready for a meet and greet just yet?  No worries... K.I.T. or check out the finance library to learn more about our approach to finances and dig in to a little DIY financial planning.

Initial Consultations - Free

An initial consultation is simply a meet and greet to learn more about our services and see if they're a good fit for you before you commit.  We cannot provide investment or finance advice in a consultation because you are not yet a client.  If you are a good fit, you will receive information to book the consult and next steps.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan is our signature financial planning program.  By booking your first team huddle and paying the initial investment, you commit to a one year term of services with a monthly membership.  Please read the game plan specifics before booking.


Schedule your next Team Huddle

For current game plan clients and investment management clients only.

Financial Planning by the Hour

This is only for clients who have completed a plan in the past - new clients must start with a financial plan.

20-minute chat

Please only book this if you are an existing client or you have been asked to book a time- new clients must start with an initial consultation (above).

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