Meet Calli Case, CFP® One of BKP's New Lead Planners!

Favorite finance hacks: compounding Interest
Favorite financial topic to help clients with is: budgeting and long term savings
Loves working with clients who: are not afraid to admit they are overwhelmed and need help!
Something that surprises people about me is: I’m a big fitness and health buff
All-time favorite trip hack: always compare and then buy flights on an incognito web browser. Prices will automatically increase from the data saved if you search over and over on the same browser.

Calli is the rare breed of Financial Planner who discovered she wanted to pursue this career path in college and attended a university with a dedicated Financial Planning department. Calli had known she wanted to pursue a business-related degree, but was unsure of the exact route she wanted to take. After narrowing her choices to accounting or math, and finding her calculus and statistics classes to be both invigorating and fun (yes, that does make her a nerd), she was well on her way.

After being approached by a recruiter for the Personal Financial Planning Program for Utah Valley University, she had a change of heart. Math, numbers, and helping people! It sounded like the perfect career path.
With an educational background geared toward helping her earn the CFP® marks, Calli has spent her whole career working in the financial services industry which has provided hands-on experience to help her gain even more knowledge and expertise in the financial planning sphere.
Calli always knew she wanted to work with younger clients, but felt it wasn't in the cards. With the industry mostly made up of serving an older demographic with hardly any diversity, it was a little discouraging to think she had to service a clientele she wasn't as connected with.
Then she found Brooklyn Plans! Calli has thoroughly enjoyed her work at Brooklyn Plans and looks forward to continuing to help such an awesome clientele. And the big bonus is the focus on women, a mission that highly resonates with her.
Calli was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah, but has since lived in Monterey, California and now Tucson, Arizona in her relatively short time as a military spouse, since marrying her long-distance leading man in 2020. In her free time Calli enjoys hiking, playing the piano, reading, and thrifting.