Black Lives Are Beloved

Saying "Black Lives Matter" is so painfully obvious and insufficient to me that it's mind boggling that it would be a controversial or political statement, but here we are.   The lack of representation is super stark in particular, in the finance and personal finance space.  After a career change from educator in NYC public schools to a finance professional, I remember wondering where "everyone else" was at the first networking event I attended.  It turned out they weren't coming.  Or even worse, was it the case that they weren't invited?  Of the 85,000 professionals bearing the CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) marks, the standard bearer in the financial planning industry, the CFP® reports in their November 2019  "Why Diversity Matters" report (because apparently some people don't think that it does?):

  • 3.7% of CFP®s are People of Color despite making up 31.1% of the general population