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yo, saba Hey, have any of you guys installed Kubuntu on the new Surface Book? blueskaj: if you want to test before you upgrade to ubuntu 16.10, you can install a daily yakkety, you'll get the latest packages without having to upgrade and then upgrade when it's ready How do I mount a device from the CLI? #nvidia #nvidia help Hello, I have updated ubuntu and now instead of wallpaper my desktop is black and when I open the folder it freezes, what can I do? I'm a bit confused, what's the difference between ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop? theShirbiny: the desktop environment you should be asking that in #ubuntu-offtopic rather than here teward, it's for a friend of mine, he wants to switch to linux full-time theShirbiny: well, that's a different question altogether, but the answer is that they're two different desktop environments. Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE; Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce He wants to remove wine but he doesn't want unity, so i'm not sure if he should use ubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop like, i'm not even sure what it looks like sorry, not my question, a friend's can anyone answer it? Lubuntu I think theShirbiny: i'd say install LXDE/LXQT as a separate DE, then switch it up as you wish theShirbiny: if you're in the U.S., that is theShirbiny: if you want Xfce or KDE, choose the Kubuntu package and it'll do all that for you. Kubuntu ships with both xfce and KDE theShirbiny: i would




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Vivid Workshopdata Ati 11 2 Crack

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