Plans a financial advisor for women offers

Professional Plan

A path forward to maximize salary and benefits and a detailed spending and savings plan. Includes support for student loan and credit card debts and repayment options as well as long-term planning.

Entrepreneur Plan

A clear path to separate business and personal finances. Target income numbers, spending plan and tax savings plans are included as well as support for student loans, credit card debts and advice on long-term planning.

Couple Plan

A bridge to managing finances as a unit through the establishment of shared goals, values, and spending priorities. The plan includes spending and savings plan and support with debts and long-term planning.

Growing Family Plan

A foundation to build a family's future on includes a spending and savings plan, analysis of how to best provide for children, as well as support for debts and long-term planning.

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How does it work?

Brooklyn Plans' main service is personalized financial plans.  The engagement involves 3 meetings which usually take place over between 6 -12 weeks and culminates in a personalized financial plan that details where you are now and what you'll need to do to get to where you want to be.  Here's how the process works:

Our collaborative platform helps you take control of your finances 


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