Plans a financial advisor for women offers

Brooklyn Plans is a fiduciary fee-only advisor. Translation: we don’t take commissions and we have your best interest at heart. We’re dedicated to working with today’s women and the people who love them because research and our experience have shown that women have a different relationship to their finances, benefit greatly from support, advice and talking it out.

We take an educational approach to financial planning, never talk over our clients’ heads and allow for the fact that feelings are involved in looking at this stuff. It is a rewarding journey, and we hope you’ll join the countless other brave women who have worked with us to face their fears and take control of their finances.

*Although we specialize in working with women, no one is turned away because of gender or any other identifier!


Real time information

The Game Plan is our financial program for those who want regular, ongoing support with their finances and are interested in coming up with a sustainable plan that allows for the twists and turns that come over time. The game plan features a team huddle with your advisor or coach every trimester followed by concentrated work in a track for the remaining months of each trimester. Each month has a specific focus so that you can see measured progress in your finances over time.