Our signature service: The Game Plan

For about the cost of a gym membership, you'll have an ongoing relationship with a financial planner or coach, get monthly tasks and reports as well as a "team huddle" each trimester to check in and go over what's going on with your finances.


Game Plan Road Map Sample

How Does It Work?

The Game Plan is a monthly support plan to help you take control of your finances and stay on track.  Together, with your financial planner, you will set up the tracks in your game plan and focus on one topic each month.  You will have a team huddle each trimester with your planner to check in and provide accountability and support.  There will be a manageable level of homework and additional resources provided each month. 

The game plan is intended to be an ongoing relationship to help you make the most of your finances and it is not available for a period of time less than a year to truly see results and changes in behavior. 

Game Plan- Individuals

Initial Investment + Monthly membership

$650 one time + $225/month

Game Plan- Couples

Initial Investment + monthly membership

$950 one time + $395/month

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